Traditional Proactiv email campaigns are either very offer driven or very lifestyle focused. One thing they are not is targeted.

We were asked to design an email campaign that targets specific demographics within the Proactiv userbase. What you see here are my three concepts for that targeted campaign. The concepts have pieces (main image, headline and body copy) that can be edited to better target each segment. Here, you’ll see two executions of each concept.

The first concept leads with the direct offer, and the three featured products for that segment. Then follows with a lifestyle. This delivers both the hard offer and the softer lifestyle in one clean email.

The second concept brings together the direct offer headline with the lifestyle image on top, while the featured products are placed below the image.

The final concept draws inspiration from beauty sites where the image dominates the page. Here the lifestyle image creates the background of the email and a sidebar is created to display the featured products. Instead of calling out specific features of each product, a short paragraph and bullets speaks to each segment.